22 Back-To-School Products Every ’90s Girl Absolutely Needed

Are platform sneakers a necessity? I THINK SO.

1. An adorable planner (Lisa Frank FTW) with completely impractical stationery.

Yeah, like you’re gonna be able to fit all your homework assignments in one of those teeny slots.

2. But if you were a more serious type, this plaid Disney planner might have been more your speed.


3. A sweet travel case for your CDs.


It might feel wrong but IT IS OK TO PUT NON-BACKSTREET CDS in here. Howie will forgive you.

4. The perfect chunky lace-up to wear on your fancier days.

Goes perfectly with knee-highs and A-line skirts.

5. A cute watch. Because you needed to be able to tell the time in a pre-cell phone world!

6. Any of the school supplies on this page but mainly the metallic notebooks.

7. Although you know what would be even DOPER? CK One notebooks.

I remember CK having tons of freebie merch in the ’90s and if you had any it made you look so ~deSiGnEr~.

8. The perfect backpack.

I mean. In addition to your Jansport mainstay.

9. Although if you were more of a raver/bad girl, a plastic-y messenger was probably a must.

10. Back-to-school always meant updating your cosmetics pouch, usually with Bonne Bell’s latest in lipwear.

I’ll take two for my locker, one for my backpack, and one for my gym locker, please.

11. These pencils. Obvi.

Just don’t lose one of the little nubs.

12. Plus a couple of these for special tests.

Although I really don’t understand that tagline: “Pencils your parents won’t swipe”?! Was parental pencil-stealing a problem in the ’90s?

13. Naturally, an oversized eraser in your favorite Sanrio character.

Mistakes are meant TO BE MADE. And then erased.

14. Definitely a couple cute new hair clips from Claire’s or Afterthoughts.

15. A Caboodle to keep all your locker necessities.

Cuz obvi you need a hairbrush, hairspray, 15 Lip Smackers, and a headband on hand at ALL TIMES.

16. Baggy jeans. Dark denim. ONLY DARK DENIM.

17. One corduroy something. Because corduroy was how you knew it was fall in the ’90s.

Joey Potter-approved.

18. Cutesy stickers to decorate your notebooks.

Even if they were meant for little girls, so what? You were kinda into that.


Cutesy stickers only work if you pair them with edgier ones.

20. Some type of PVC pouch for lunches OR for your locker.

21. A Five Star binder because duh.

Everyone had one.

22. And most important, the PERFECT sneaker to get you through the entire school year.

Choose wisely, gurl. Choose. Wisely.

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