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Baby Pygmy Goat Acts Just Like A Puppy Dog And It's So Cute

Benji is the friendliest, most loyal goat in all of England.

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But it's OK because a kind Yorkshire man named Tom adopted the goat and together they are a walking lovefest.

BBC / Facebook: video.php

According to the BBC: "His little pygmy goat loves him so much ... wherever Tom goes, little Benji is not far behind."

Tom, who owns a greenhouse, brings Benji to work, where the adorable little goat plays and shows off for customers.


Benji will have the treat of going to work for a couple more months, until he's big enough to live alone on the fields on Tom's estate.

Here's the full BBC report on Tom and Benji, and it's a must-watch for the adorable jumping montages set to a Sound of Music soundtrack:

Facebook: video.php