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    Mar 11, 2014

    15 Absolutely Absurd "Fashion Of The Future" Predictions

    People of the past: WTF were you smoking?

    Here, some ideas from the 1930s-1970s on what we'd be wearing today. All I can say is: WTFFFFFF????

    1. This is a 1930s dress "of the future" consisting of see-through netting, "probably to catch the males." (An actual quote.)

    2. This 1960s knitted knickerbocker suit was called "Year 2000." I guess I could see this being sold for a fortune at Barneys.

    Jim Gray/Keystone / Getty Images

    3. This ensemble suggests that "skirts will disappear entirely" and an electric belt will adapt to climactic changes. (Wishful thinking!)

    4. A space age imagining of a beauty salon looks very... sparkly.

    5. Here is a 1930s interpretation of bridal fashions for the year 2000 — she's wearing a wedding dress supposedly made of glass. How...?

    6. Pierre Cardin had some weird ideas about the direction of style in the 1960s. Looks like he really hoped everyone would be wearing space suits in the coming years.

    Keystone/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    7. This dapper 1980s ensemble imagined men wearing suits that came outfitted with radios and telephones (and bizarre metal crowns). Sort of like the original Google Glass?

    8. A 1969 swimming suit paired with...a swimming helmet?!

    Evening Standard / Getty Images

    9. Pierre Cardin's nurses of the future, circa 1970.

    Leonard Burt/Central Press / Getty Images

    10. Here is a dress made of aluminium, with a headlight to "help her find an honest man." (Yes. Really.)

    11. 1962's "Bathing Suit for the Year 2000."

    RDA / Getty Images

    12. This battery-powered heated coat (featured in a 1939 issue of Vogue) actually seems like a great idea. Except you'd look like an oven mitt.

    13. This 1970s creation at least involves an environmentally friendly commuting method?

    Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

    14. I don't even know. Here's what Getty Images says: "Arsenal's Peter Storey wearing a 'kit for the future' at Highbury."

    Popperfoto / Getty Images

    15. In the 1960s, someone decided to predict what car hops of the future would wear. Little did they know that car hops would become pretty much obsolete. Oops.

    Underwood Archives / Getty Images

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