A Tribute To Sofia Coppola's '90s Fashion Line, Milk Fed

    In the '90s, a 22-year-old Sofia designed baby-Ts that said, "I love booze."

    Did you know...

    That in 1994, Sofia Coppola launched a fashion label called Milk Fed? Coppola had been helping out with her friend Kim Gordon's line, X-Girl, when Coppola began experimenting with baby Ts, eventually expanding to skirts, skimpy dresses, and hip-hugging pants.

    And the designs. were. so. '90s.

    In this shoot for W magazine, Sofia hangs with '90s pals Lisa Ann, Zoe Cassavetes, and Amanda de Cadenet.

    Coppola's first line consists of numerous baby Ts printed with things like 'wasted'; nylon T-dresses with stenciled likenesses of Che Guevara or Steve McQueen; hip-hugger pinstripe pants and skirts, and little nylon nightie dresses built mostly for tiny groovy gals like herself — although she disagrees.

    A 1994 W article on the young "girl-of-the-moment."

    Milk Fed as we knew it in the '90s is no longer, but at some point the label changed to Japanese ownership and is still produced and distributed in Japan (but it would appear Coppola no longer has any hand in it).

    Oh well! For now, you '90s nostalgists can just keep a close watch on eBay for any original items that may come up for bid.

    For a closer look at Sofia's Milk Fed line, check out this MTV House of Style interview: