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    A Reminder That People Had To Learn How To Dial A Phone

    OK, for the last time: So, you get the phone number...

    Once upon a time (the 1950s), this new fangled thing called "the telephone" was messing up everyones' lives. So AT&T made this PSA to give your grandparents the 411. What is wrong with all you annoying people dialing wrong numbers GODDD.

    Seriously, it's a real problem. So make sure you write down the number. Write that number down good.

    Then dial your number on your impossibly large rotary phone and then wait for like an hour for them to pick up. Remember: If they're slow to the phone or don't pick up, it doesn't mean they hate you! (They might hate you.)

    Check out the full instructional video here. You may learn a thing or two. About how this never happens now.

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