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A "Mrs. Doubtfire" Sequel Would Probably Be Terrifying

According to the internet. And the internet is always right.

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By now, you've probably heard the bizarre and depressing news that a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel could happen. (It doesn't mean the movie is actually being made, but apparently there's a script in the works. If Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus like it, then it might be a go.)

What might this next installment of cross-dressing nannydom look like? Super scary. Because, let's face it: MRS. DOUBTFIRE IS AN INCREDIBLY DISTURBING AND CREEPY MOVIE.

These videos might make you reexamine the movie in a totally different light...

Like, all you have to do is re-cut the trailer with Inception music, and you begin to wonder whether the whole thing wasn't a dream all along:

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And it's easy enough to re-cut the trailer to look like a horror movie:

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And just the simple trick of playing a scene in reverse makes everything SO SO SCARY.

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Brb, hiding under the bed.