A Look At Moscow In The Early ’90s

America on every corner.

1. The first McDonald’s opened in Russia in January of 1990. It was apparently a really big deal as a Big Mac might have cost a day’s salary.

2. Electronics giants like Sanyo and Canon make their presence known.

3. Coca-Cola bottle operations in Russia began in 1985.

4. A fancy limo for VIPs.

5. Here, a sign of Disney’s presence in Moscow. Interestingly, around this time in the U.S., a proposal was being made to create a Soviet Union Pavilion in Disney World’s Epcot Center. It never happened.

6. This actually looks like a lot of fun.

7. Pizza Hut also came to Russia in 1990.

8. A Camel sign…everyone was smoking. Currently, four in 10 Russians still smoke and a ban was actually recently enacted.

9. Vendor stalls near a metro entrance.

10. So much America going on right here.

All pics via vintage.es. Head over there to check out lots more!

Via vintag.es

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