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    A Definitive Ranking Of Missy Elliott's 32 Most Epic Outfits

    WORK IT.

    32. The Honorary WNBA Member

    31. The Yellow Chanel-lo

    30. The Anaconda Disco

    29. The Shoe-In

    28. The Patchy McPatcherson

    27. The Ra-ta-ta Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta

    26. The Wears A Furry Hat In The Heat, Gives Zero Fucks

    25. The Pretty In Pink

    24. The Madonna Is My Homegirl

    23. The Black And White And Fly All Over

    22. The Blinged Bandit

    21. The Supa Fly

    20. The Snowboarder

    19. The Glammo Camo

    18. The Dope Dashiki

    17. The Sort-Of Samurai

    16. The In Your Face

    15. The Winter Is Coming

    14. The Yeah That's Right I Wear My Own Face On My Jeans

    13. The I-May-Or-May-Not Be Heading To An S&M Club After This

    12. The Denim Diva

    11. The J'Really Adore Dior

    10. The Golfer Girl

    9. The Barney-Inspired Suit

    8. The Match-Your-Gum-To-Your-Clothes

    7. The Chain Of Cool

    6. The Get Ur Snake On

    5. The Golden Girl

    4. The Wearin' A Shiny Gold Suit, What Of It?

    3. The RIP Aaliyah

    2. The Yes I Am So Supa Dupa Fly

    1. The Yes I Am So Supa Dupa Fly Squared