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    Here's What 19 Of Your Favorite '90s Beauty Products Look Like Now

    Lip Smackers, is that you?

    1. Lip Smackers are still available in many of the classic flavors you remember, but the packaging now is way more serious. /

    2. Hard Candy ... I don't even know what happened to you. You're basically a different brand than you were in the '90s, and pretty much only on sale at Walmart. Tragedy. /

    3. Cucumber Melon lotion from Bath & Body Works was a '90s girl fave. Looks like this bottle was born in the country and then became an ice queen after years of city life. /

    4. Urban Decay then: A raw and edgy makeup brand. Urban Decay now: Commercialized glam-rock. /

    5. Of course Urban Decay was also known for its iconic nail polish bottle ... which looks very different today. /

    6. I am exhausted just from looking at the new Teen Spirit deodorant packaging. SO. MUCH. CUTE. AND! GIRLY. /

    7. '90s girls are pretty jazzed on Herbal Essences these days. A couple years ago, the company brought back packaging inspired by its old '90s look. /

    8. Did you know that j.a.n.e. cosmetics has been brought back from the dead? Except it would appear excessive punctuation is now out. /

    9. Manic Panic's famous hair dye has stayed pretty true to its original '90s branding, but the lipstick has gone in a different direction: /

    10. The Body Shop still makes perfume oil. I still prefer the '90s design. /

    11. Wet 'n' Wild ... I kind of miss that '90s font that also reminded me of that Nickelodeon show, Wild & Crazy Kids. /

    12. Wow. Smashbox's old logo ... /

    13. Although Love's Baby Soft was a staple for '80s girls, it was also a favorite of '90s kids. You can still find the brand around. Some of the packaging actually looks more like its old '80s versions. /

    14. Revlon's Color Stay lipstick was, like, REVOLUTIONARY in the '90s. Today, the brand has many products with this magic Color Stay technology. /

    15. Although Noxzema has been around for ages, it was especially popular in the '90s (thanks, Rebecca Gayheart). Compared to the old packaging, the jar today looks like THE FUTURE IS NOW. /

    16. Remember Rave hair spray? It now looks more like an Axe Body Spray product. /

    17. Aww: Sun-In stays fairly true to its '90s style. /

    18. Bonne Bell's makeup line was a huge hit with young girls in the late '90s. Although the Lip Sheers product on the left was discontinued you can see the drastic difference in the company's branding: /

    19. CK One: Just one subtle change. /