9 Vintage “Star Wars” Snack Foods You’ll Never See Again

Although some can still be bought — for a price and your health.

1. In the 1980s, Pepperidge Farms made Star Wars cookies, cleverly assigning the chocolate flavor to the Imperial Forces.

Photo courtesy of StarwarsDan / etsy.com

2. The treat that came with these 1978 card packs was a whole stick of gum. This one’s been unopened, so get chewy.

3. This ’80s cereal gave young Jedis the energy required to face the day.

4. Star Wars was doing soda in 1996.

5. A 1980s sugary delight. This example also includes the delicious, delicious original treats.

6. You really should have saved these Episode I sodas that were going around at the time.

7. A 2001 Luke Skywalker unopened candy.

8. Although this 2005 snack series just barely qualifies as vintage, it’s kind of a shocker to think that Revenge of the Sith was already eight years ago.

9. And, finally: this. Ew.

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