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6 People Whose Lives Were Vastly Improved By Mentos

The Freshmaker: not only delicious, but also turns humans into geniuses every time.

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1. The Lady Whose Car Got Parked In By A Man In A Men's Warehouse Suit

- This woman's impossibly tiny car has been parked in!

- She's like "WTF?"

- The businessman who has parked her in points to his watch, which is international business speak for, "I'm very important goodbye."

- Genius strikes: Woman recruits band of workmen to lift her car up and out of the space.

Mentos! The Freshmaker!

2. The Guy Who Was Ordering Lunch With His Ladyfriend And It Wasn't Going Well

- This guy is on a date. It is the most important date of his life and he cannot order any orange juice because the waiter is ignoring him.

- Minty-fresh inspiration strikes!

- He removes the table cloth like a pro.

- He impersonates a waiter and returns with their drinks. Ta-da!

Mentos! The Freshmaker!

3. This Chick Who Wore A Cheap Purple Dress To A VIP Event

- This fancy woman is going to a fancy event.

- But she rips her dress as she exits the limo her boyfriend is driving. Oh no!

- She then has a moment of post-Mentos clarity and rips off the rest of her dress.

- Now she has a miniskirt and no one will notice!

Mentos! The Freshmaker!

4. This Dude Who Couldn't Figure Out How To Cross The Street

- A bunch of hooligans run across the street, leaving their friend stuck on the opposite side.

- It's gridlock traffic and he can't get through!

- Sensei Freshmaker gives him the answer and suddenly, he's opening the passenger door of a car.

- His friends are like, "Yeah, dude! You rock!"

- He passes through to the other side of the car and a man on a car phone is like, "Ha ha ha! That's swell!"

Mentos! The Freshmaker!

5. This Bro With A Horrible Sense Of Style And Willingness To Ruin His Italian Suit

- This corporate sellout has lunch with his former fraternity bros who all have fun jobs they can wear flannel shirts to.

- Before heading into the office for more corporate drudgery, he takes a seat on a freshly painted bench. Oops!

- One Mentos later, and he's going big or going home—he rolls around on the bench and now has an ugly pinstriped suit.

Mentos! The Freshmaker!

6. The Not-So-Young Youth Who Almost Had A Really Shitty Saturday Afternoon

- These dudes who still live at home are playing soccer when stupid Ned kicks the ball over the hedge.

- Chad runs next door to get it, but the neighbors are having a wedding. How will he get in?

- Mentos knows! Steal those flowers from the wedding and give them to the bride and groom (because that's clearly a wedding tradition).

- He then strolls out of the wedding without the soccer ball.

- But then he has it again, so yay! Whatever!

Mentos! The Freshmaker.