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    5 Crazy Nickelodeon Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

    These cartoons of your past have some bizarre fan theories involving death, racism, nuclear radiation, and some other totally messed up stuff.

    1. Hey Arnold: The truth about Arnold's parents and his disease

    2. Rugrats: All the babies are dead and/or imaginary figures

    3. SpongeBob SquarePants: Victims of nuclear radiation

    According to one redditor:

    The existence of Spongebob and his strange friends is the result of radiation from nuclear arms testing that was performed on the Bikini Atoll in the late 40's and early 50's. Since they live under the atoll, the town is known as 'Bikini Bottom'.

    4. Rocko's Modern Life: Welcome to the land of sexual perversion

    We all know this show was super postmodern and featured some dark humor, but some think Rocko's world is downright perverted. Via pleaseeveryoneshutup:

    1. Rocko and Hefer always ate a restaurant called "Chokey's Chicken" which in the last season all of a sudden became "Chewy's Chicken" because they could not get away with it any longer.
    2. When Rocko lost his job at Kinda-Alot-O-Comics, he became a phone sex operator. Mrs. Bighead called up the hotline and Rocko picked up the phone and answered in his sexy Aussie accent "Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby". It got real awkward real quick.
    3. They had Filbert cross-dress in a bunch of episodes. Does the line "call me Ophelia" ring a bell? (Probably not; it does to me because I spent the better part of my childhood in front of a TV).
    4. When Rocko would visit Hefer (who lived with a pack of wolves), Hefer's father would always yell out "Let's eat the beaver!!!" (referring to Rocko, who was a wallaby).

    5. Doug Funnie: A delusional racist