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    39 Reasons YM Was The Best Teen Magazine

    It's been nearly 10 years since YM was prematurely ripped from our glitter-polished hands. Which means we've had NO idea what guys have been thinking for the past decade.

    1. Maffleck was willingly telling American teens about their "grossest habits."

    2. Pink had this memo to Britney: "Watch your back."

    3. Britney probably didn't care.

    4. YM hung out with NSYNC.

    5. Amanda Bynes was still normal.

    6. They featured teen heartthrobs you've totally forgotten about. Like Eddie Furlong?

    7. Lindsay Lohan told YM about how she couldn't get guys...and that was a surprise at the time.

    8. Prom horror stories? Um, yes.

    9. Cher Horowitz plus extras of those gross "true" embarrassing moments.

    10. YM totally buries the lede here with a pic of Christian Slater...check out that headline at the top: "Tom Cruise lets you read his diary." WUT.

    11. Remember when you were obsessed with the Olsens?

    12. A *free* Hanson poster!

    13. YM also warned you about the lies guys would tell you to get into your pants. Like "I love you." Losers.

    14. Free tarot cards! Free, free, free! You love free things.

    15. Kelly Kapowski was still relevant.

    16. Joey! And he's actually...kind

    17. Madonna played "20 Questions" with YM...and actually gave up some hilariously direct answers.

    18. Johnny Depp swoooooooon.

    19. Mariah was all "move over, Madonna."

    20. But Madonna was all, "Ima be on the cover of this magazine a million more times than you."

    21. OMG, what's

    22. More "guy truths and lies"? YES. We are finally getting to the bottom of this thing.

    23. YM catered to Gwenabees.

    24. Katie Holmes' middle part.

    25. YM told you everything you wanted to know about the Dawson's Creek cast.

    26. You totally copied Drew's haircut from this cover, published during her Luke era.

    27. BSB FTW.

    28. Whoa to the coverline: "I slept with my stepbrother." That's so messed up! You have to read it!

    29. Once, YM pulled Marky Mark's pants down.

    30. YM presented Christina when she looked like this...

    31. ...and when she turned into this.

    32. Usher talked about his six-pack plus jeans! jeans! jeans!

    33. The beauty issue.

    34. The summer music issue.

    35. Hahaha Paris Hilton.

    36. When Leo was on the cover, you definitely didn't practice kissing on it.

    37. Monica uncensored! You were digging her over Brandy at this point.

    38. And remember when 98 Degrees lied about not wanting sex?

    39. Gavin Rossdale dished about sex, dogs, and rock 'n roll? Get it? Dogs?