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32 Rad Things You Could Buy From The "Sassy" Magazine Club

Sassy devotees: You may die when you see the Sassy recycling bin.

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At the end of many an issue of Sassy magazine, you found promotional items for sale. Among the things offered up were...

1. Super '90s binders.

2. Customizable plastic belts.

3. A perfect Sassy t-shirt.

4. Sassy Club backpacks.

5. Here's a door sign to let people know what's going on in your head.

6. And there are so many things you could do with this marbleized notebook-style pouch.

You could also get cool jewelry and accessories like...

7. Colorful braided bracelets.

8. Plaid hair clips. (Would totally wear this now.)

9. Sweet leather bracelets.

10. Plastic-over-fabric bracelets.

11. Wire and bead bracelets.

12. Makeup brushes.

13. And (duh) friendship bracelets.

Once they ran a specially-themed club kit with products that encouraged green thinking and lifestyles. You could get...

14. Books about the environment.

15. A chocolate bar?! (Wut.)

16. Cool mugs.

17. A pin to let people know that you recycle.

18. A ready-to-plant tree.

19. A freakin' recycling bin.

20. An extra-long tee.

21. Customizable garbage belts.

22. A green tote bag.

Here's a nice assortment of products. Pretty much the essentials for the Sassy girl.

23. Super indie shirts and caps.

24. Want this pencil set!

25. Perfect for sleepovers.

26. Okay, well, the fannypack is a bit much.

This month's Club offerings will make you want to go back-to-school shopping.

27. How about some Post-Its with cool quotes?

28. Sassy Mail? Amazing.

29. Here's some note paper with rad graphics.

30. You'd totally use this portfolio folder for homework assignments.

31. And of course Sassy totally understood that you were a busy teen with a smart, and fabulous life. Here's an address book and planner to keep you organized.

32. But best of all: a Sassy Club University drawstring bag? How do we enroll?

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