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    27 "Clueless" Promo Images You've Never Seen Before

    This isn't like a Noxzema commercial — it's better. These pics are a dream come true.

    These pics show Cher and co. in both studio and on-set shots, some of which are staged to mirror the film, while others become extra moments in the world of Beverly Hills. Oh, and they're all dated 1995 so rest assured not one of them is from the horrendous Clueless TV show.

    1. "Hey, Granola Breath."

    2. The cutest boys at Bronson Alcott.

    3. Dee is very good at the phone. But she's also good at her beeper, too.

    4. "Woman: Lend me five dollahs."

    5. She's asked repeatedly not to be called "woman."

    6. Excuse me, Miss Dionne.

    7. She didn't skin anything to make that boa; it's faux.

    8. Say, Ambular.

    9. What up?

    10. Probably something she bought at Judy's.

    11. This is Christian. He thinks the death of Sammy Davis left an opening in the Rat Pack.

    12. Christian digs Billie Holiday. You dig him too, right?

    13. Travis definitely showed up late for this photo shoot. But remember: "Tardiness is not something you can do on your own."

    14. Now this is fashion.

    15. A full-on Monet.

    16. He's keepin' it real.

    17. Bettys and Baldwins.

    18. Anyone care to go to Melrose with Amber?

    19. The way he feels about the Rolling Stones is how his kids will feel about Nine Inch Nails, so he stopped bugging his mom.

    20. OMG is that the same cell phone holder Cher wears in the tennis court scene? It doubles as a water bottle holder? Genius.

    21. Do not throw a ball at her nose, people.

    22. The gang, all ready for Mr. Hall and Miss Geist's wedding.

    23. This is the face Amber makes when she thinks something reeks.

    24. Awwwww. Best yearbook photo ever.

    25. That graffiti next to her? Probably like a famous quote.

    26. The only time these three got along.

    27. That is a dress she's wearing and you know who says so? Calvin Klein.