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    27 Beauty Products Of The '90s You'll Never Use Again

    Here's a shimmery, watermelon-scented reminder of products you've long forgotten.

    1. Bottled Emotion perfumes

    These made great Christmas presents, especially for girls you didn't really like. Those girls got the Crazy scent.

    2. j.a.n.e. cosmetics

    This was a brand targeted at the LipSmacker crowd that made them feel grown-up.

    3. Lip Lix

    Bonne Bell's older sister LipSmacker usually smelled of some mocha-cinnamon combo.

    4. Bath & Body Works shower gels and lotions

    The Bath & Body Works products of your youth probably looked like this.

    5. Hard Candy

    The original packaging was just so good.

    6. Loréal Rouge Pulp

    I can still taste the thick, tacky paste that came in these tubes.

    7. Bath & Body Works Art Stuff foam

    For a time, Bath & Body Works turned products into art activities.

    8. Bath & Body Works Art Stuff glitter lotion

    And everything had glitter in this collection.

    9. Revlon Street Wear lipstick

    These were slightly metallic.

    10. Revlon Street Wear nail polish

    Remember this? Like confetti in a bottle!

    11. Glamour Puss eyeshadow

    How could you forget this face?

    12. Urban Decay eyeshadow

    Urban Decay's packaging has evolved over the years but still has that urban, city-street vibe.

    13. Urban Decay nail polish

    There was something vaguely sinister about nail polish being in what looked like a vial.

    14. Wet 'n' Wild nail polish

    When they made midnight blue, people went crazy!

    15. L'Oréal Kids shampoo

    This product claimed to be tear-proof, but it still stung your eyes.

    16. Bath & Body Works Color Drops nail polish

    Oooh metallics were such a new thing back then.

    17. Fetish lip gloss

    Endorsed by Christina Aguilera, so it had to be good.

    18. Tropical LipSmackers

    Or the shimmery holiday collection.

    19. Nail Fetish polish

    You got suckered by that cool font.

    20. Naturistics Sweet Lips

    I could have eaten a whole tube of this.

    21. The Body Shop perfume oil

    Were you a Fuzzy Peach or Dewberry kind of girl?

    22. Candy Kisses lip balm

    23. Fetish cologne spray

    The bottle was a collectible for you.

    24. Teen Spirit deodorant

    It does indeed smell like Teen Spirit.

    25. Lip Smackers Cosmic Nails

    I think these were scented.

    26. Tinkerbell cosmetics

    The satisfaction that peel-off nail polish gave was priceless.

    27. Gap eau de toilette

    Most people were obsessed with Heaven or Dream, but thumbs up to you if you were a Grass girl.