26 Steps To Becoming An Amazing Dancer As Told By "Center Stage"

    Looking to upgrade your moves? Your favorite worst-slash-best dance movie has all the answers.

    1. First thing's first. You gotta work on your turnout.

    2. Rehearse like crazy. Practice makes perfect.

    3. Here's a fun and easy move for you to start with.

    4. Next, you can try this jump:

    5. This one's a bit more advanced...

    6. Holy crap, you're good.

    7. What the fuuuuuuckkkkk, dude?

    8. When dancing with partners, don't drop your partner.

    9. Partner dancing tip #2: Show devotion to your partner.

    10. Remember: turnout, damnit.

    11. Sometimes you need to get away from ballet and try different dance forms, like jazz. Ready?

    12. If you're a dude and shaking that ass, do it with your hands in the air.

    13. If you're a lady, keep your arms close to your body before shaking your groove thang.

    14. You can also try salsa to spice things up.

    15. Because that might bring some attitude back to your style.

    16. OMG turnout WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

    17. But don't let that stop you. When things get rough, you have to know where to look.

    18. Some dancers smoke and while this isn't advised, you should know how to put your cigarette out like a boss.

    19. Now on to performing and choreography...make sure to have tricks up your sleeve.

    20. Sometimes, a last minute change-up can completely transform the performance.

    21. Good choreography always involves some sassy get-out-the-way moves.

    22. Wave 'em in the air like ya just don't care!

    23. Get your girls to back you up.

    24. Don't worry about messing up on stage. Just go into it like this:

    25. Because then you'll totally look like this:

    26. Phew! Now you're a dancer!