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26 Oscar Dresses You Once Thought Were SooooOOOooo Pretty

Maybe they still are. Let's take a look at the gowns you fantasized about once upon a time.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow's Barbie-princess-bubblegum pink gown in 1999.

2. Uma Thurman's '99 two-piece nouveau-Cinderella outfit. This will make a comeback. Just you watch.

3. In 2001, you may have been on the fence about Cameron Diaz's kimono-inspired thing. At the time, it felt kinda chic.

4. Jada Pinkett Smith showed up to the 2001 Oscars in a very expensive patchwork quilt.

5. You may have not been the biggest Melissa Rivers fan, but this 2004 dress had all the makings of a girly masterpiece: flowers, flowy material, flowers.

6. Scarlett Johansson's 2004 Hollywood glam dress she reportedly purchased during a jaunt in Emerald City.

7. Samantha Morton wore this embroidered masterpiece in 2004. Thoughts?

8. You either loved it or hated it — Celine Dion's sleek backwards tuxedo suit in 1999.

9. Sandra Bullock looked almost bride-like in 2004.

10. Daryl Hannah: Hollywood Barbie circa 1990.

11. Kate Winslet made periwinkle a thing again with this 2005 gown.

12. Natalie Portman looking like a gauzy, shimmery nymph in 2005.

13. Hilary Swank's midnight blue gown in 2005 was just an excuse to brag about her buff bod.

14. Squee! Little Anna Paquin in 1994. Because she was a kid and cool and at the Oscars, you would have loved anything she wore.

15. In 1995, Sharon Stone shined in this puffy silver number. Soooo shiny.

16. While no one should ever wear this dress again, you must admit Susan Sarandon is positively owning it at the 1996 Oscars.

17. Jada Pinkett Smith in 1997. Midriff FTW. And with a belly chain?!?! Yesssss.

18. In '98, Cameron Diaz looked like a modern Shakespearean damsel.

19. Kate Winslet's embroidered old world-inspired dress was soooo regal in 1998.

20. Nicole Kidman's choice for the '97 awards made the world's ugliest color okay for a second.

21. Geena Davis' 1992 pick was fit for a sexy fairytale.

22. Lizzy Gardiner, 1995: OMG, nevermind.

23. Winona Ryder in 1994: sparkly flapper with spaghetti straps.

24. Halle Berry's dress for the '96 Oscars was a purple paradise combining the two best textures of the '90s: velvet and shiny silk.

25. Jennifer Lopez, 1999: swoooooooon.

26. You'll always remember Kate Winslet's pretty-in-pink look in 1996. But she was too skinny!