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    Posted on Apr 17, 2013

    25 "My So-Called Life" Moments That Will Make You Relive Your Teenage Years

    Angela Chase is your adolescence. Welcome to a day in your 16-year-old life.

    1. First and foremost: you hate everyone.

    2. And all of a sudden, things are weird with your dad.

    3. And this is the reason. You both pretend they don't exist.

    4. If only Sunday night could last forever. The thought of school puts a pit in your stomach.

    5. Here's your room. It's only a matter of time before your mother forces you to pick it up.

    6. If you happened to get into bad outfit, it could mean the end of the world...and that feeling of absolutely hating yourself.

    7. Ugh. Parents. Always talking about money and making you feel like a failure.

    8. How you get through your day. You don't actually know anything about the object of your affection. But you make up a lot of stuff that makes you like him even more.

    9. Even though you hated school, there was always that one cool and inspiring teacher. (The one you promised to always keep in touch with and then never did.)

    10. Remember how you also spent at least 15 percent of the school day applying lipstick in the bathroom?

    11. Ugh. I can't even.

    12. So much inner pain and confusion.

    13. School was tolerable when you had best friend moments like this.

    14. Why were you always SO tired? (And if this wasn't you, this was certainly entertaining and the inevitable cause of snickering.)

    15. Your "cool" voice.

    16. This face. So much of the time.

    17. The world is ending.

    18. No one understands.

    19. Just kidding! You have music and a bedroom and you dance in no one is watching.

    20. You have these moments of freedom. Life! Your life! Freeeee!

    21. And holding hands. OHMYGOD, holding hands. You could have an orgasm from palm-to-palm contact.

    22. But then you're back here. You hate your mother.

    23. But then there are these special moments of understanding. You love your mother!

    24. No, actually you REALLY, REALLY hate your mother.

    25. Until you feel really bad about the way you treated her. And no matter what, you can always be a little girl again.

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