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24 Famous Prom Dresses, Ranked Worst To Best

The most iconic prom looks from movies and TV shows — ranked from fugliest to yessssss.

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19. Lindsay Lohan as "Cady Heron" in Mean Girls

Because if you're going to go to prom in regular clothes, at least wear your Mathletes jacket. (And actually in Mean Girls it wasn't a prom, it was the "Spring Fling," but that's close enough, right?)


16. Bianca from 10 Things I Hate About You

Buena Vista/courtesy Everett Collection

This gets a mediocre ranking just because I wore this tulle ballerina skirt/top combo to my prom and I fully regret it.


11. Andie Walsh from Pretty in Pink

Paramount / Courtesy: Everett Collection

So, I kind of feel like this is actually the ugliest dress ever, but you're not allowed to say that because, you know, John Hughes and iconic pop culture moment. So, yay DIY '80s dress!

10. Laney Boggs from She's All That

Laney looked pretty elegant in her prom getup. It's definitely not her best outfit of the movie (hello, little red dress on the stairs scene), but she pulled off that French twist with grace.

9. Regina George from Mean Girls

That dress is actually kind of a safe move, but what's really astounding me here is how we never noticed how far ahead of the trend curve Regina was. Flower crown?! See you at Coachella, bitch.


5. Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Damn, Cordelia. I ordinarily think your outfits are tacky, but your prom dress was pretty red carpet-worthy. And doing your hair in a simple, elegant bun was the way to go.


2. Jen Lindley from Dawson's Creek

Leave it to Jen to completely surprise us with a prom outfit that wasn't at all "fast girl Jen" but was in fact a really feminine and vintage-looking cocktail dress. I'd still wear that.