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    23 Antique Dolls That Will Probably Kill You In Your Sleep


    1. This creepy doll, which looks like it could be a 41-year-old man, also has the strength of a 41-year-old man. THIS DOLL WILL KILL YOU.

    2. This doll will complain until you die.

    3. This stuffed...thing. Will rip apart your flesh in your sleep.

    4. This doll will silently judge you until your self-esteem is so low, you'll just drop dead.

    5. This doll will stand over you and do unimaginable things to you in your sleep.

    6. This scary bear will kill you with his laser eyes.

    7. This one is also fixin' to kill ya.

    8. Hand-to-hand combat.

    9. Laser Eyes, jr.

    10. This is the face this doll makes right after he says ok, fine, he won't kill you. And then he KILLS YOU.

    11. These teddy bears will kill you with their 60-year-old stench.

    12. This doll will sing until you just. Can't. Take. It. Any. Longer.

    13. You don't even want to know.

    14. Obviously. Stay away from this one.

    15. This clown thing will show up at your birthday party and will do something worse than kill you — traumatize you for life.

    16. OMG this is the last face you will ever see. That alone...

    17. This stuffed dog will entice you to pet it with its lifelike mystique. And then it will bite off your head.

    18. Hehehehehe.

    19. Mwahahahah.

    20. This pair will kill you with kindness. Ew.

    21. This doll will strangle you to death.

    22. Don't ask. This motherfucker is sick.

    23. This doll killed Chuckie. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!