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21 Outfits 2000s Girls Lusted After

All hail the mighty Lohan, Bynes, and Duff: Goddesses of 2000s style.

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3. When Amanda Bynes wore this simple spaghetti strap tank with flares in What a Girl Wants, you thought this was the epitome of chic basic.

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Except then your school was all NO BRA STRAPS NO BRA STRAPS! And then you were like, "Muahahahahhahah, they invented clear bra straps and look at me now."


5. Even though chopsticks were more of a '90s thing, you brought them back after seeing Jennifer Garner double up in 13 Going On 30.

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And can we talk about that head-to-toe army green getup? What was that phase...military maiden?


9. You spent hours trying to get your hair perfectly flared after seeing Josie and the Pussycats.

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And, of course, flared hair goes best with shiny clubbing outfits such as these. (Because you went to all the hottest clubs when you were a teen?)


16. Forget that the Olsen Twins, like, WERE your style goals in the early 2000s...these cut-collar I Heart NY shirts were everywhere after this film.

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What do you bet les chi-chi twins d'Olsen wish they could now erase New York Minute from their fashion history?


19. But let's just say that out of all the Plastics, Gretchen's style definitely gave you ideas. Like, yes, thank you, I WILL pair an Olde Tyme tee with a plaid skirt.