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    21 Completely Bizarre Moments In Disney History

    Like that time Donald Duck told you to wear a condom.

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    1. When Mickey Mouse was jailed in the 1930s.

    2. When Minnie Mouse looked like this in 1933.

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    3. When Mickey wore high heels in the '30s...and publicly checked out Minnie's bod.

    4. When Mickey and Minnie got married in 1936...and everyone seemingly forgot and chewed them out all these years for just dating.

    5. When Donald Duck promoted condoms during WWII.

    "Pro" being short for prophylactic.

    6. And when he did it again in the '60s.

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    Here he is in a Disney PSA about contraception and family planning.

    7. When Mickey Mouse decorated childrens' gas masks during WWII.

    8. Also during WW2, Disney produced several war propaganda films, like Education for Death.

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    These were terrifying.

    9. When Disney sold war bonds in the 1940s.

    10. When Disney produced a video for young women in 1946 called The Story of Menstruation.

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    11. When Mickey and Minnie got makeovers in the '50s and looked like zombies.

    12. When you could buy lingerie at Disneyland in 1955.

    13. When Disney put the unabashedly racist song "What Makes the Red Man Red" in Peter Pan.

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    14. And when they made the same mistake in Pocahontas with the song "Savages," some 40 years later.

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    15. When The Little Mermaid cover art appeared to depict a penis.

    16. And then there was also the priest in The Little Mermaid who appeared to be sporting an erection.

    17. And when a naked woman supposedly showed up in the background of The Rescuers.

    18. When Disney World completely changed the Snow White ride in 1994 because it was too disturbing.

    Flickr: iheartyeti

    The original ride did not have a happy ending. Basically, you "died" in it. Read more about it here.

    19. When Disney created an entire town in 1994 — Celebration, Florida — meant to embody Disney ideals and reflect a perfect suburban America aesthetic.

    Flickr: ericejohnson

    It's so picture-perfect and regulated that some people feel it's way too creepy.

    20. When Disney started selling Old Yeller dog food, which is messed up considering Old Yeller is killed in the movie.

    To make matters worse, a dog allegedly died from the food. Watch the news story here.

    21. For years, Disneyland has released feral cats at night for rodent control in the park.

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