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21 Completely Bizarre Moments In Disney History

Like that time Donald Duck told you to wear a condom.

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6. And when he did it again in the '60s.

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Here he is in a Disney PSA about contraception and family planning.

8. Also during WW2, Disney produced several war propaganda films, like Education for Death.

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These were terrifying.

10. When Disney produced a video for young women in 1946 called The Story of Menstruation.

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13. When Disney put the unabashedly racist song "What Makes the Red Man Red" in Peter Pan.

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14. And when they made the same mistake in Pocahontas with the song "Savages," some 40 years later.

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18. When Disney World completely changed the Snow White ride in 1994 because it was too disturbing.

19. When Disney created an entire town in 1994 — Celebration, Florida — meant to embody Disney ideals and reflect a perfect suburban America aesthetic.

20. When Disney started selling Old Yeller dog food, which is messed up considering Old Yeller is killed in the movie.

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