20 Status Symbols Gen Y Girls Grew Up With

Lucky bitch.

The things that made people jealous, presented here in chronological order…

1. American Girl Dolls

Bonus points if you had extra outfits and sets.

2. American Girl Doll Clothes

Ugh you are so cool.

3. Tricked-Out Barbie Bikes

That came with super-cool extras like makeup sets and attachable pouches.

4. Barbie Power Wheels Car

Didn’t you so desperately want to ride to school in one of these?

5. Playmobil Dollhouses

6. These Fancy Pencil Cases

Because they were so much cooler than those plain old zipper-style ones.

9. Dear Diary

Or any one of the slew of electronic diaries of the ’90s.

11. Having a TV in Your Room

12. Anything from the Pottery Barn Teen Catalog

Once you got sick of that canopy bed.

13. Hard Candy Nail Polish

Because it was 20 times more expensive than Wet ‘n Wild.

14. Your Own Phone Line with Your Own Answering Machine

Let’s not talk about all those “creative” greetings you came up with.

15. Lacoste Polos

Pink on all the days. Not just Wednesdays.

16. Juicy Couture Tracksuits

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

17. Uggs

God, these are so 2004.

18. These Bags

19. Pink Motorola Razr Phones

Bonus points if it’s Bedazzled.

20. Tiffany Necklaces


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