20 Status Symbols Gen Y Girls Grew Up With

    Lucky bitch.

    The things that made people jealous, presented here in chronological order...

    1. American Girl Dolls

    2. American Girl Doll Clothes

    3. Tricked-Out Barbie Bikes

    4. Barbie Power Wheels Car

    5. Playmobil Dollhouses

    6. These Fancy Pencil Cases

    7. Princess Canopy Beds

    8. Nintendo

    9. Dear Diary

    10. Baby-G Watches

    11. Having a TV in Your Room

    12. Anything from the Pottery Barn Teen Catalog

    13. Hard Candy Nail Polish

    14. Your Own Phone Line with Your Own Answering Machine

    15. Lacoste Polos

    16. Juicy Couture Tracksuits

    17. Uggs

    18. These Bags

    19. Pink Motorola Razr Phones

    20. Tiffany Necklaces