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    Jul 18, 2013

    20 Signs You Were A Snob In The '80s

    Although I believe the P.C. term is "preppy."

    1. You ate Frusen Glädjé ice cream.

    2. You shopped at Benetton.

    3. You wore your sweater over your shoulders.

    4. You had an American Express card.

    5. You wore your sweater over your shoulders, were the CEO of Benetton, and used an American Express card.

    6. You had a car phone.

    7. You had a black toilet.

    8. You were this self-important lady.

    9. You smoked Sterlings.

    10. Or Benson & Hedges.

    11. Or if you were really classy...

    12. You had Christofle flatware.

    13. You had a very expensive CD player.

    14. You drove a Mercedes, BMW, or Volvo, preferably in a white or tan hue. And with leather interiors.

    15. You had a fur coat.

    16. Your bedroom looked like this.

    17. You were obsessed with any foods labeled or classified as "gourmet."

    18. There was potpourri everywhere.

    19. You wore Giorgio.

    20. You make bold color choices, resulting in this look...which you may or may not still rock.

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