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    19 Disco Moves That Could Beat Someone Up

    The rules of Disco Fight Club.

    The ancient art of Disco Dancing is a popular tale — we all know of the Great John Travolta and the revered dance variety shows, Soul Train and Solid Gold. But a closer look at these sources shows us that our ancestors and embarrassing parents weren't just bell-bottom-boogieing to dance — they were also training in the Secret Art of Disco Fighting. Here, a combat guide. Let's get started with the basics...

    Basic Stances and Maneuvering

    1. The "Disco Point"

    2. The "I'm Watching You"

    3. The "Bunny Slope"

    4. The "The Russians Are Coming"

    5. The "Stealth Walk"

    6. The Giddy-Down

    Attack Moves

    7. The "Groovy One-Two"

    8. The "Mini Jackie Chan"

    9. The "Wheee!!!"

    10. The "Butt Jump"

    11. The "Grover Strike"

    12. The "Wax On, Wax Off"

    13. The "Diva Dance Instructor"

    14. The "Jolly Jaywalker"

    Intimidation Tactics

    15. The "Needs No Introduction"

    16. The "Man Of A Thousand Balls"

    17. The "Face Wave"

    18. The "Sad Split"

    19. The "Scared Shitless"