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    18 Things That Once Decorated Your Bedroom Walls

    You had amaaaaaazing taste.

    And now, a brief primer on the Millennial décor movement of the late '90s through the aughts.

    1. Clinique Happy ads.

    2. Absolute vodka ads, especially the "rare" ones. Or at least that's how you'd describe them because that's way cooler.

    3. The Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly, which made your dad really sad.

    But the A&F Quarterly sure did make you happy.

    4. Those artsy CK1 ads.

    5. The booklets from CDs (although preferably from the CD single so you could preserve the whole album).

    6. A pinup of your boyfriend.

    7. Bongo ads or just ads with pretty girls doing "cool" things. Like making phone calls.

    8. Joshua Jackson articles from "Seventeen" magazine. Precious information.

    9. Candie's ads.

    10. Cool photos from magazines like this one of Angelina Jolie from a '93 issue of "Sassy."

    11. Movie posters! Did you get yours for free by bugging the movie theater people for old posters?

    12. These totally weird Steve Madden ads.

    13. A trippy Magic Eye poster, which provided hours of entertainment with your friends.

    14. This sexy perfume ad.

    15. Aaliyah :(

    16. Got Milk ads. Obviously.

    17. Fabulous fashion spreads from "YM."

    18. And this poster of Britney Spears. Potentially above your bed.