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    18 Reasons Why Your Parents Hated When You Watched "Ren & Stimpy"

    You eeeeediot.

    1. It made a mockery of highbrow culture.

    2. It featured a character who had rage issues worse than all Jerry Springer episodes combined.

    3. Seriously, Ren was constantly tripping.

    4. He pretty much made Stimpy his bitch.

    5. Meanwhile, Stimpy was dumb as fuck.

    6. But his issues were disturbingly of the adult human variety.

    7. When you think about it, Stimpy was downright tragic.

    8. Then there was this character — George Liquor — who also turned out to be completely abusive. (Go figure.)

    9. Once you learned this song, your parents didn't hear the end of it until you graduated elementary school. Or middle school. Or high school. Or college. Whatever.

    10. Butts and the bodily functions of them were turned into humor so rank, you could almost smell it.

    11. So many butts.

    12. I mean. Also Powdered Toast Man was definitely not gay.

    13. Ren & Stimpy also managed to do this thing where you'd have completely visceral reactions to things like this. Watching this as a grown-up (or whatever), I literally feel dirty.

    14. Even the clean bits were disturbing. There's something so deeply wrong about Ren's flesh.

    15. And nudity was a given. The last thing I ever want to think about is an old man's naked body. WHY WAS THIS FUNNY?

    16. Ren & Stimpy's relationship was clearly homosexual at times. And ain't nothing wrong with that. But it could go to a very weird place. Imagine your mom walking in to see this image on the TV.

    17. The fuck?

    18. And finally...this pretty much says it all.