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    Posted on Jun 11, 2013

    17 Reasons Why You Really Need To Watch "Undeclared"

    This single-season show was basically Freaks and Geeks at college and a portrait of the year 2001. Case in point: an episode involving that song "How Bizarre."

    1. Judd Apatow produced this show right after Freaks and Geeks, and it's all about awkward, post-adolescent comedy.

    2. The lead is Steven, a dude who doesn't do a great job of hiding the fact that he's a dork. He is you.

    3. Like I said, he is you.

    4. But, actually, the early 2000s references alone are what now make this show even better.

    5. The sexy guy from Sons of Anarchy is on it, playing a sexy guy.

    6. A young Jason Segel plays an older dude who works in a copy shop. Watching him go through heartbreak is the best thing ever.

    7. See?

    8. Seth Rogen!!! Whose surprising performance as a stoner dazzles.

    9. The guest roles and cameos are kind of insane. Amy Poehler plays an R.A.!

    10. Ben Stiller as Jason Segel's mom's ex, named Rex. REX.

    11. Aw, Jenna Fischer.

    12. And there's the episode where Adam Sandler plays Adam Sandler. This was awkward. And glorious.

    13. Will Ferrell made an appearance as a speed-addicted genius who wears handsome Hawaiian shirts.

    14. And let's not forget that pretty much every episode of Undeclared nailed everything about college. Like learning: WHY IS THIS SO HARD.

    15. Remember this guy who was at every party?

    16. And enduring the torture of having roommates with horrible taste in music.

    17. But the best thing might be that this pillowcase with Jason Segel's face on it exists in this show. You'll see why.

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