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    16 Times Costco Failed So Hard It Almost Won

    Large bears everywhere.

    1. When these two ginormous bears got it on in the middle of the store.

    2. And when they really took it next-level.

    3. When it sold this 7-Up flavored cake. How it's "naturally flavored lemon-lime" is beyond me.

    So do you serve a glass of 7-Up with it?

    4. When it tried to sell winter coats in a goddamned heatwave.

    5. When they offered this candle, so you could fill your home with the sweet aroma of "monkey farts."

    6. This. Whatever this is.

    7. When this definitely-not-possessed-by-the-devil dog stared you down as you waited to get your picture framed.

    8. This nearly $10,000 barrel of whiskey. No one needs to be that drunk.

    9. Christmas in summer. TOO SOON, COSTCO. TOO. EFFING. SOON.

    10. This box of..."diabetes"?

    11. When they sold this giant box of Nerds, practically ensuring that half of your salary will go to your dentist.

    12. When they knew what was for dinner: shredded chihuahua.

    13. When they sold discount caskets.

    14. When someone minded the sample booth for wayyy too long.

    15. When they tried to get you to buy $2k worth of cereal.

    16. And when their bread apparently starred in a movie called Costco Fresh Baked Bread with "Scratch Bread Matthew" in the lead role.