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16 Things You Learned About Being A Woman From "Full House"

The Tanner sisters showed you the most crucial elements of American girlhood. Like bras.

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1. It's time to experiment with makeup and the way to do that is with a girlfriend.

2. But you also learned the exact same way DJ did — that the moments your parents catch you trying to be sexy, you're guaranteed an awkward moment like this.

3. Makeup is fun — but the key is using it to bring out your natural beauty.

4. Here's why you thought being a groupie for that one summer would be cool — because DJ and Stephanie had done it before you.

5. Outfits backfire. And when they do, other women can get catty.

6. One way to feel incredibly cool is to be the head of a dance triangle. Do this and you'll gain a whole new sense of importance.

7. You begin to realize you have this need to be totally in control of your image at all times.

8. The extreme diet and exercise thing isn't worth it.

9. You also learned that you'll feel like this a lot. But part of becoming a woman is saying this stuff out loud. So people tell you it's not true.

10. This is a fun thing to do.

11. As is this.

12. And bras are definitely interesting.

13. Your sense of style came from those cool girls you were in awe of.

14. From Stephanie, you learned that crazy teen things like makeout parties make you just as uncomfortable as they do for Danny Tanner.

15. This is just going to happen. A lot.

16. And even when the world feels like it's ending, your girlfriends and sisters are these amazing, cool people you have in your life. And that, in turn, makes you a pretty cool girl.

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