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    16 Things Only Valley Girls Would Understand

    Like, these things are bitchen.

    1. Sherman Oaks Galleria. Like, this is your spot.

    2. Sun-In isn't an option. It's, like, a requirement?

    3. Oh em gee you like wrote this book.

    4. These are bitchen.

    5. These are also bitchen.

    6. Never leave home without it.

    7. Pepsi Free is totally your daytime beverage.

    8. Bartles & Jaymes is totally your P.M. beverage.

    9. Like, fer sure. Come sleep over tonight and we'll do this.

    10. Duran Duran is so totally awesome. Your last name will be Le Bon by 1990, you're sure.

    11. Boredom: the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

    12. Hairy legs? No way. Grody.

    13. This is soooo awesome.

    14. Like make sure your Val dude boyfriend isn't like totally a nerd.

    15. Izods make guys look way hot.

    16. Like is this not the most bitchen ride? Your boyfriend drives one. Which makes you the most awesome Val girl.