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    Posted on May 7, 2013

    16 Signs You Knew It Was Almost Summer As A Kid

    Only 34 more days of school! Now, where are my jelly sandals?

    1. You'd wake up and turn on the TV to the Weather Channel to wait and see if it was going to warm up today.

    2. Because you really wanted to wear shorts to school. Especially these board shorts.

    3. If you were younger, you might be wearing these.

    4. Or these, if you're, like, a cool 8th grader.

    5. Or these really cool Tevas if you were a boy.

    6. The teachers were getting antsy, too. So Mr. Shapiro let you have class outside.

    7. Field Day was coming up.

    8. You smelled like this.

    9. And you tried this every summer but it made your hair look weird.

    10. To cool down, you set up a Slip 'n Slide in the backyard.

    11. Or played with Splash Out, the water balloon timer game.

    12. But let's get serious here. It's time to take this bad boy out.

    13. These treats.

    14. This song.

    15. This book. Which you were saving for the summer.

    16. And camp friends. You'd be getting really pumped to see them. Even though you never talked when it wasn't summer. But when it was summer — THESE PEOPLE. The best.

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