15 Vintage Joshua Jackson Moments That’ll Make You Squee

It’s worth it just to see JJ in a pink turtleneck and pink shiny pants. OMFG would be an understatement.

1. “Right back atcha, beautiful.”

From Bop magazine, date unknown, but we’re guessing 1994 or so.

2. Sporting classic ’90s style: size XXL, mixed plaids, and man jewelry.

3. Shiny. Pink. Pants.

Detour magazine, 1998.

4. Sorry, can we please re-visit this again?

Detour magazine, 1998.

5. This would be the coolest school photo ever.

6. Anyone else have this same pic pinned on their wall? Smokin’.

Cleo magazine, 2000.

7. “Hey! Bada-bing, bada-boom!”

TV Guide, 1997.

8. “Nothing beats hanging with his pals at the local pizzeria.”

Teen People, 1998.

9. Boy next door crush.

10. Woman’s best friend with man’s best friend har har har.

US Weekly, 1998.

11. Inventing sexy. Even as a youngster. Is that creepy?

12. Ahh, the classic sitting-backwards-on-a-chair pose. International language for “cool.”

Seventeen magazine, 2000.

13. That time he touched his moobs.

Teen Movieline, 2000.

14. Not afraid to ruin a suit in the ocean.

Ultimate TV Guide, 2000.

15. His innocent side. One of his best sides. OK, fine, we’ll take all the sides.

Teen Movieline, 2000.

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