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15 Pieces Of Spice Girls Memorabilia You Definitely Want To Own

Because you wannabe the coolest person in the world.

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1. What do you bet this Crazy Dip ChupaChups tastes as delicious as the day it was packaged, 13 years ago.

2. Thimbles: Officially the shit.


3. If you take a pic and someone is NOT doing a peace sign, they're out of the group.

4. How does this even work?!?!?!

5. This looks like a toilet seat but it is not a toilet seat. It is a handbag. I wish it was a toilet seat.

6. 1998 was an excellent vintage for Pepsi. Crack this open with a filet mignon.

7. Your nail art is now better than all the nail arts.

8. With this 3-D viewer, the girls will always feel close.

9. Whoa, a "matchmaker" function? Your search is over. You stink, OkCupid.

10. Your sweet new ride. Your morning commute just went first class.

11. Re-live the greatest concert you ever saw.

12. And to do that, you're going to need one of these!

13. For real, someone buy these puffy stickers. And then give them to me.

14. Spice Girls umbrella?! Hell yes, rainy days!

15. Spice Girls mini-books: the greatest literature of our time.

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