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    15 Neat Facts About "That Thing You Do!"

    Tom Hanks, the '60s, The Wonders, and that song you might never get out of your head.

    1. Some of the possible band names — as seen in Jimmy's notebook — but not discussed in dialogue include...

    2. The main drag — meant to resemble Eerie, PA of the '60s — was actually filmed in Orange, CA.

    3. Most TTYD fans know this was Hanks' writing and directing debut, but did you know he also helped compose some of the film's music?

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    Hanks wrote the jolly tune that plays over the intro called "Lovin' You Lots and Lots," which was credited to a fictitious band called The Norm Wooster Singers.

    4. He also composed Guy's drum solo, "I Am Spartacus."

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    That's right. Tom Hanks plays the friggin' drums like a boss.

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    5. The boys of The Wonders practiced like crazy prior to the start of filming because Hanks insisted that they play accurately.

    6. Ethan Embry's character has no name and is only ever referred to as "the bass player."

    7. When The Wonders play the a fake beach band for a movie, their group's name — Cap'n Geech & The Shrimp Shack Shooters — was inspired by two real restaurants in South Carolina.

    8. Hanks' daughter, Elizabeth, had a few seconds of screen time as a bored girl in the dress shop.

    9. Hanks' son, Colin, also got to be in the movie, appearing as Liv Tyler's usher.

    10. "That Thing You Do" (the song) performed pretty well on the charts in 1996, reaching #41 on Billboard.

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    Go ahead. You know you want to listen to this.

    11. NSYNC covered it. And Lance Bass pretended he knew how to play the keyboard.

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    12. New Found Glory also covered it. Their version is physically unpleasant to listen to.

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    13. The CD soundtrack came with cool, fake liner notes about The Wonders.

    14. The Oneders joke kind of made the whole movie.

    15. And this joke is pretty brilliant. Take it. Use it.

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