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15 Memorable Photos Of Boston Marathons Past

Here's a look at athletes of early Boston marathons. Plus some interesting facts — like the date they actually let women start running it.

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The Boston Marathon is over a century old — the first race was held in 1897 — and is cited as being the "world's oldest annual marathon." Here's a look at what the marathon looked like in black and white — during the '30s through the '60s.

3. Stylianos Kyriakides tackles Heartbreak Hill in Newton. This is said to be the most difficult part of the race. The incline isn't so steep, but as the last stretch of the run — at 20.5 miles — it can be a killer.


4. Here, two South Korean men train for the Boston Marathon in 1947. South Korea won the marathon that year when Suh Yun-bok crossed the finish line with a world record-beating time.


10. Here's marathon legend John Kelley participating in the 1962 marathon. Although he didn't win that year, he won in 1935 and 1945 and also set a record for completing a total of 61 Boston marathons.


14. Roberta ("Bobbi") Gibb, the first woman to run the marathon, crossing the finish line in 1966. At that time, women weren't allowed to participate in the marathon and when Roberta's application was denied, she snuck in and ran anyway and was recogn

15. Here's Bobbi Gibb again, running the marathon in 1967. She'd take the winning title in the Women's Open this year and in 1968. (She was recognized as the winner of this title by the Boston Athletic Association even though women were still not