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    14 Reasons Why Magnetic Poetry Was The Best

    Let's bring back this 2000s fad. Unless you're awesome and still using your kit.

    1. Message your boo in code words. The kids will never know!

    2. So many sets with different themes! Nerds, movie buffs, sexual deviants: we're all poets now!

    3. You could leave cryptic messages for your stupid boyfriend.

    4. Oh, JK! He's the best.

    5. You could reveal your true feelings.

    6. You could leave a note for your friends...that they'd never get.

    7. You could get mad artsy while eating cold Chinese food in front of the fridge.

    8. You could leave passive aggressive messages for your inconsiderate roommate.

    9. You could express your innermost pain.

    10. You could get away with awesome potty humor.

    11. You could be this guy.

    12. You could let people know you have issues.

    13. You could be a philosopher.

    14. Or just make things that don't make a lot of sense!

    Word? Word.

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