14 Questions Disney Forgot To Answer About "Cinderella"

    Can't a glass slipper fit someone else with the same shoe size?

    1. Why (and how) do all the spouses die?

    2. How did Cinderella's father even fall for this crazy cougar?

    3. What the hell does "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" mean?

    4. Aren't slippers made of glass a bit impractical?

    5. How old are the stepsisters?

    6. What is this dude's name???

    7. What's up with the King's psychological issues?

    8. How do they seriously not recognize Cinderella at the ball?

    9. What do the Prince and Cinderella talk about?

    10. Why don't the glass slippers disappear with the rest of Cinderella's ball stuff?

    11. Why do the mice need to wear clothes?

    12. How is this "if the slipper fits" plan a good idea?

    13. Why does no one come up with this solution sooner?

    14. What happens to the Evil Stepmother and Stepsisters?