14 Pics Of Disneyland From The ’50s And ’60s

Vintage snaps of the Happiest Place on Earth — some while it was still under construction.

1. Aerial view of Disneyland before construction, 1954

The park opened a year after construction.

2. Jungle Cruise, 1954

The original Jungle Cruise, almost finished with construction.

3. Main Street, U.S.A., still under construction.

The idea for this idyllic entrance was inspired by Disney’s Missouri hometown and he kept a personal apartment in firehouse.

4. Adventureland under construction, 1954

You can see the Main Street-style facade on the other side of the building, maximizing space.

5. Frontierland, 1955

Keystone / Getty Images

6. The park entrance (date unknown)

7. Sleeping Beauty’s castle, 1955

Thanks to a technique in which building elements are larger at the bottom and smaller at the top, Sleeping Beauty’s castle was built to appear much taller than its 77-foot stature.

Keystone / Getty Images

8. Sleeping Beauty’s castle, 1960

Keystone / Getty Images

10. Disneyland monorail, 1960

Keystone / Getty Images

11. Senator Edward M. Kennedy at the Matterhorn ride, 1960

Keystone / Getty Images

12. Tomorrowland, 1967

This was right after Tomorrowland’s $23 million upgrade.

Orange County Register Archives / Via disneybymark.com

13. The Matterhorn in 1968

With some very mod and stylish tourists.

14. Monsanto House of the Future

This futuristic house (the future being 1986) became a part of Tomorrowland in 1957 and was removed in 1967.

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