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    14 Essentials You'll Need For Your Next Rave

    Which happened 12 years ago.

    1. Exposed midriff. Here, three rave aficionados display varying degrees, including the tasteful strategic rip.

    2. Parachute pants, preferably of the glow-y variety.

    3. Assortment of plastic and candy necklaces. Bonus points for Elmo backpacks.

    4. Unce, unce, unce.

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    5. Lollipops. Tastes so good.

    6. Any one of the designs from this fashion show.

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    7. Puffy vests! Undershirt optional.

    8. Accessories fashioned from the Chuck E. Cheese ball pit, 2-4 lbs.

    9. Gonna need at least, like, 10 of these.

    10. Spiky hair and don't forget to dress your tongue in cool colors.

    11. Fuzzy boots and platform shoes to take you higher.

    12. Hairstyle featuring minimum 2 buns.

    13. Glowsticks!

    14. And of course mad skillz to use them.

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