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    13 People Who Will Stop At Nothing To Win "Supermarket Sweep"

    When you hear the beep...GET OUT THE WAY.

    1. This man, who developed his upper body strength for months, doesn't even care that his super-human arm power just bounced a Butterball turkey out his cart like a basketball.

    2. You know this man wants to win Supermarket Sweep because he wore sweatpants on national television — meaning he gives zero fucks.

    3. This man, won't even slow down for the curve — even when he also appears to be losing his pants.

    4. This chick, who wouldn't let physical barriers stand between her and her win.

    5. This woman, who will use her face if she has to.

    6. This team will probably stop at nothing to win. But first they have to get confused and freak out.

    7. This man, who uses the clever tactic of his repellant creep-smile to keep other contestants away from the coffee grinder.

    8. This lady, who is pushing a mermaid in a backwards cart like a boss. Can you taste the danger?

    9. This woman, who has just channeled her inner Mario Andretti to expertly avoid a traffic jam.

    10. This woman, who thinks jumping up and down while screaming will help bring her one step closer to victory.

    11. This woman, again, who really won't stop jumping. It's emotional support and look — those other people aren't doing anything. Losers.

    12. And here is an adorable duo who stopped at nothing to win Supermarket Sweep. James is so into it, he's not afraid to cry on TV.

    13. And this couple, who are clearly the types of people who stopped at nothing. BECAUSE THEY WON. BOOM.