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    13 Of Life's Best Questions Answered By "Kids Say The Darndest Things"

    Here's proof that we get stupider as we age because these are answers you can actually understand.

    1. Who was George Washington's wife?

    2. Should a man be with an older or a younger woman?

    3. What happens to a cut when it heals?

    4. What's the best way to eat a hot dog?

    5. Who makes the chili?

    6. What's the most important thing a young lady should remember when she goes on national television?

    7. What's the story of Adam and Eve?

    8. What ever happened to Adam and Eve?

    9. What's Heaven like?

    10. What does a movie star actually do?

    11. What do we learn from the story of Jesus turning water into wine?

    12. When God punished Eve, what did he make her become?

    13. What are the qualities of a woman's ideal man?