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    13 Horribly Offensive Board Games Of The Past

    America: What is wrong with you? Behold these racist, sexist, and downright disturbing games.

    1. "Public Assistance" published by Hammerhead Enterprises in 1980.

    2. "Hangman," published by Milton Bradley in 1976.

    3. "The Sinking of the Titanic," published by Milton Bradley in 1976.

    4. "Tressy Career Girl Game," published by Lowell Toy Mfg. in 1960.

    5. "Darkies in the Melon Patch," published by The Hudson Brothers Publishing Company

    6. "Beat the Border," published by Border House Inc. in 1971.

    7. "Four Little N-Word Boys," published by Chad Valley in 1950.

    8. "Out With the Jews," published by Günther & Co. in 1938.

    9. "Adultery," published by Diplomat Sales Co. in 1969 (yeah...).

    10. "Blacks & Whites," published by Dynamic Design in 1970.

    11. "Trafficking," published by Underground Games, Inc. in 1983.

    12. "Ghettopoly," published by Stolen Property Fencing Game in 2003.

    13. "Little Black Sambo," published by Saalfield Publishing Co. in 1924.