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    Posted on May 13, 2013

    13 Essential Mall Stores That '90s Girls Shopped

    Shockingly, some of this hasn't changed.

    1. The Limited Too

    For junior-sized styles of the grown-up Limited, accessories with blue fur and plastic flowers.

    2. Deb

    For shiny shirts and parachute pants.

    3. Claire's

    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    For your BFF necklaces.

    4. Afterthoughts

    For fimo clay jewelry, hair clips, and nail polishes. (Unfortunately, Afterthoughts was acquired by Claire's and there's nearly zero trace of it online.)

    5. Old Navy

    For Performance Fleece.

    6. Abercrombie & Fitch

    For preppy button-ups, tight polos, slutty tennis-inspired skirts.

    7. American Eagle Outfitters

    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    The poor man's Abercrombie & Fitch.

    8. Victoria's Secret

    For shimmer lotions and satin padded bras.

    9. Hot Topic

    For those cutesy-meets-hell graphic or iron-on shirts or ball chain anything.

    10. Fashion Bug

    For really ugly shit.

    11. Bath & Body Works

    For Juniper Breeze body gel with those little exfoliating beads.

    12. Express

    For solid-colored tanks and stretch khakis.

    13. Delia's

    OMG remember when this happened and all of a sudden all your fave catalog looks were available FOR REAL IN PERSON?

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