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    13 Bitchin' '90s-Inspired Nail Art Designs

    It's a neon fiesta in here!

    1. Everything about these Mariah Carey press-on nails is amazing. AMAZING.

    2. This Spice Girls mani is slightly terrifying...and yet empowering?

    3. Lisa Frank FTW.

    4. Katy Perry once got this Daria manicure. Katy Perry is the luckiest girl alive.

    5. Remember when you had a million ying-yang chokers from Claire's?

    6. You never thought you'd see the day when you'd actually want to wear aliens again.

    7. And if you're really nostalgic now, you can kick it up a notch.

    8. Kind of like the opening credits to Saved by the Bell in nail art form.

    9. Goes perfectly with those daisy platform flip-flops you just ordered from the Delia's catalog.

    10. A '90s party on every nail.

    11. There's no such thing as too much Lisa Frank.

    12. You can match these to your super sweet Zubaz.

    13. Don't speak. These nail decals know just what you're thinking.