12 Unbelievable Inventions Of The '60s

    Some of these are early versions of things you still use...some are just plain insane.

    1. The new American marriage — quality time with your spouse and your air turbo head massaging machines.

    2. British folks trying out "foot tickling machines." The purpose of which remains unclear other than sheer amusement and to say you tried it.

    3. Pity those sea shoes never took off.

    4. A snazzy product of Goodyear's in the '60s — illuminated tires.

    5. The Cat-Mew Machine: a device that produces cat sounds, meant to keep away rodents.

    6. A "road safety machine" to train motorcyclists. Otherwise known as your grandfather's arcade game.

    7. The first ever Walkman?

    8. The original portable boombox was a beanbag with a transistor radio.

    9. A prototype of the first computer mouse (wut?!), a creation by Douglas C. Engelbart.

    10. Behold the microcar: great for small people and NYC parking, horrible in any other situation.

    11. A hat with storage capabilities...because actually wearing a purse was passé?

    12. A remote-controlled lawnmower. Kind of like a giant Roomba for the outdoors. Get a cat on that thing!