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12 Things You May Have Forgotten About Stick Stickly

This '90s Nickelodeon host had an epic career...for a piece of wood.

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2. Stick mainly came on during commercial breaks, but in 1995, he had a breakout role in the half-hour special, "Oh Brother."

In Oh Brother, Stick travels to New York City to find his long-lost twin, Woodknot, whom he believes he'll find by hanging around the Twin Towers.

3. Stick was often put in uncomfortable situations, which would elevate his anxiety.

One regular stunt was "Dip Stick," in which he would be lowered into a cup and have to guess its contents. Stick was especially gifted for a piece of wood — he was able to absorb tastes, smells, temperatures, and textures.


6. With "U Pick," viewers would "request" shows for Stick to play next.

Sort of like kiddie TRL. Stick had a talent for getting a selection okayed by the network's execs and queued up in record time — usually, in a matter of seconds.


10. And of course, Stick's famous song.

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11. Guess what? Stick returned in 2011 to host Nick's "The '90s Are All That" block (but stopped in 2012).

Look at this fucking hipster with his Keep Calm poster, Red Bull, and MacBook. What do you bet after he wraps up work, he's going to take some salvia and listen to Gotye.