12 "Mister Rogers’" Episode Descriptions Which May Or May Not Sound Like Acid Trips

It’s a neighborly day in this beautywood.

All plot episode descriptions courtesy of Wikipedia.

1. Season 1, Episode 2

“Rogers shows how a burlap bag can be many different things when one imagines it. Betty Aberlin suggests to wear it as a cape, which she does as a border guard. Meanwhile, King Friday takes no chances for this if an invasion occurs.”

2. Season 1, Episode 18

“At the Television House, Rogers talks about his boyhood days when he did not practice a clarinet.”

3. Season 1, Episode 63

“Rogers warms some wiener buns in his oven so that Chef Brockett and Mr. McFeely can enjoy them.”

4. Season 1, Episode 66

“Rogers dictates how all toys do what you want them to do.”

5. Season 1, Episode 77

“Lady Aberlin enlists several teenagers to try and entertain King Friday.”

6. Season 1, Episode 99

“The Neighborhood of Make-Believe celebrates Scottish Day.”

7. Season 2, Episode 10

“The Castle holds a fashion show of many wedding garments.”

8. Season 3, Episode 36

“A fish in Rogers’ tank has died. Rogers buries it and, with Bob Trow’s help, constructs a tombstone with a pentagon that bears a fish drawing.”

9. Season 20, Episode 3

“Wearing a lei of peanut shells as he enters, Rogers promotes reading the rest of the week.”

10. Season 20, Episode 10

“Mr. McFeely brings a goat into the television house to dispel a few myths. Mrs. Dingleborder and the goats of Northwood complement each other’s plans to solve the appalling garbage crisis.”

11. Season 21, Episode 11

“Rogers recalls a raccoon dance first performed two decades before, by using a toy raccoon.”

12. Season 23, Episode 1

“Rogers and Mr. McFeely ride an elevator and an escalator in a mall, to compare the differences.”

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